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R/Goteimundo RP Wiki! Currently all the pages are under construction so please be patient with us as we try to get everything organized and ready as soon as possible! Us admins truly thank you! :D

Example Wiki PagesEdit

These pages serve as examples for your own wiki pages.

Character Sheet - Shinigami : The wiki page example for a Shinigami Character, complete with Shinigami template! (Also works for Vizards!)

Character Sheet - Arrancar : Example page for arrancar.  Woohoo templates.

Character Sheet - Fullbringer : Wiki page is good, but the Template:Fullbringer needs to be edited to remove the "zanpakuto" section and  instead have a section for Fullbring.

Character Sheet - Quincy : I don't know about Quincy either, but we do have a Template:Quincy.

Faction PagesEdit


Arrancar - Arrancar Army




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Sora 'Kat' Hayato - u/katsumisora

Haruki Kasai - u/swaggerdragon

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